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SSL Certificate: How to Setup Free SSL Certificate in WordPress

SSL Certificate: How to Setup Free SSL Certificate in WordPress 2021

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The term SSL means secure socket layer, it is the first sign of a secure website. Most web hostings come with a free SSL Certificate that is ready for installation.

Websites without SSL certificates do not have HTTPS security lock and may indicate less trust since the user’s security cannot be guaranteed from attacks on the web.

SSL Certificate

When someone uses Google or other search engines to search for information, data is transferred between two systems; such data may contain delicate information like credit card information, personal details, and age that when intercepted, can be modified, or changed by criminals or hackers for fraudulent purposes.

This is why an HTTPS secured website stands out from non-secured websites due to trust. A free or paid secure socket layer certificate is necessary if you want people to visit your website without fear of their data being stolen.

Importance of Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is very significant for the security of any website; it helps to build trust by preventing criminals from stealing data that are passed on the web. It gives searchers a guarantee that their data are not being stolen and therefore helps to build trust.

People would rarely visit a website without a secure socket layer certificate since their security cannot be guaranteed.

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The absence of an SSL certificate discredits a website and results in a low ranking. There are other forms of website security like TLS.

TLS stands for transport layer security and is a more advanced form of secure socket layer. Trust is a major issue in SEO and ranking, websites without SSL certificates cannot be trusted and may have high bounce rates which may pose a negative effect on ranking.

When a website is secured by an SSL certificate, it usually displays an HTTPS (HyperText transfer protocol secure) which is next to the green lock symbol that sends a notice of a secured website whenever a website is visited.

How to Setup A Free SSL Certificate

Some cheap hosting plans do not come with a free SSL certificate, this is usually different with quality hosting as an SSL certificate is automatically added as a part of your domain name registration and hosting thereby reducing the stress of separately purchasing and installing a security certificate for your new domain.

It is always advisable to buy an SSL certificate whenever you’re registering a new domain.

To buy or activate a secure socket layer certificate, follow the following steps should be followed if your hosting is Namecheap, different hosting platforms such as dream host, EasyWP, WP Engine, etc may have different methods for SSL activation;

  • Login to your Namecheap dashboard and select the product list
  • Click on the SSL certificate

SSL Certificate: How to Add Free SSL Certificate in WordPress

  • Click on activate
  • Enter CSR (certificate signing request) generated based on your company info and domains you own

SSL Certificate: How to Add Free SSL Certificate in WordPress

  • Copy the CSR
  • Enter a primary domain and click on next
  • Follow the instructions to complete your settings.
  • CSR can be easily generated through the link https://decoder.link/csr_generator

SSL certificate: how to setup ssl certificate in WordPress

If you are using GoDaddy as your hosting provider, follow the following instructions to manually add a security certificate to your website;

  • Purchase and download your secure socket layer certificate from the email sent to you after purchase directly on the hosting SSL manager dashboard
  • Navigate to the product page
  • Click on Webhosting and on the domain name on which the SSL certificate is to be installed, click on manage
  • Select cPanel admin from the dropdown menu
  • Click on security and select SSL
  • Click on certificate and select upload, then upload the .crt file you downloaded
  • When it is successful, click on return to SSL manager
  • Select manage secure socket layer sites and click on browse certificate in the install an SSL website
  • Select the certificate you want to activate and click on install certificate
  • Click on Ok when it is successful, your website will be automatically redirected to an HTTPS.
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