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How to add meta description

What is Meta Description? 3 Best Ways to Add Meta Description

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Meta description is an attribute of the HTML code of your page that gives information on the subject or content of the page to search engines. It is usually a brief summary of all the content of your page and must contain the primary keyword for your page or posts. It is also seen as alt text description for images.

How to add meta description is something that everyone has to get used to in order to become a better blogger and generate more traffic.

It is very important for all your pages or posts as it is the first thing the search engines look for before sending your page as search feeds or results for any search. There are different methods of how to add meta description on WordPress pages.

There are some useful tips on writing SEO Meta descriptions for your website pages. There are a number of WordPress plugins that can be easily used to write a very beautiful Meta description for any posts you are making without editing your HTML.

How to add Meta description


Some of the most useful plugins for adding meta description are RANK MATH and YOAST SEO plugins.

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A good Meta description must not be longer than 160 characters and must be very attractive to the reader with great command of attention. This is what enables a reasonable number of clicks for every impression. If your SEO alt text description does not call for attention, the majority of searchers will click on your competitors’ links instead of your website links.

how to add meta description

Ensure that you write a compelling copy for your pages and include the keyword the page is ranking for in the description.


The following are features of a good meta description length;

  • It is usually a short sentence of 140-160 characters
  • It should contain the focus keyword of the post
  • It should represent a summary of your post in an appealing manner
  • See your meta description as an advertising channel and target an emotion of your readers


Meta description is significant for the purpose on indexing of wed pages on Google and other search engines, it is the first thing that search engine bots look for when indexing a webpage and its contents, the following are the significance of meta description and why it should form a part of every web pages= on your website;

  • A good alt text description acts as an advertising channel for your page
  • It gives readers a short summary of what your page is all about
  • A good alternative text description helps to improve click through rate (CTR)
  • It enables easy indexing of your pages by providing search engines the summary of the contents of each page on your website


Adding meta description to a WordPress blog is easy and does not require any form of coding, if you are searching for how to add meta description on your posts, follow the steps below to achieve your desired aim;

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and install the RANK MATH or Yoast SEO plugin and activate it.
  • Open the post you want to edit (open the page if it is a page you want to edit)
  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right-hand side of the page or post. This is shown in the image below;

how to add meta description

  • Click on edit snippet marked red on the image below
  • Navigate to description on the popup page and add a 160 character description of your page or post
  • Close after writing the alt description, it is saved automatically so you don’t need to worry
  • Update your post and observe changes in ranking, then analyze and implement recommendations.

See the alternative tag for your website as an advertising channel of your posts or pages, this will help you to ensure that it is properly written to attract numerous attentions from web searchers; it is great way to improve CTR.

SEO meta description


The alt text description for all the images used on your blog or website provides very important information on which topics or keywords the images should be ranked for on search results and image results.

The alt text description for all images used in a post should contain the primary keyword or focus keyword for that post.

When using images in a post, ensure that such images are related to the post as it gives an image description of what the post or page is all about, this is particularly important for featured images.


  • Open the post and insert an image
  • Click on the inserted image
  • Click on the settings tab as shown in the image above
  • Scroll down to alt text and add the alternative text of the image. This is shown in the image below;

Note that your alternative text must contain the focus keyword for your post or page.

There are many tools that are helpful in checking the availability of meta tags for your pages. Some good examples which are useful for checking title tags and other meta tags are listed below;

  • Moz meta checker
  • To the web meta checker
  • Meta tags generator
  • Meta description test
  • Follow semrush guide

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