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Keyword Research – What are keywords?

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Keyword research is simply trying to determine what people are searching for and gathering relevant information about such queries. Keywords include the words or phrases that a searcher enters into a search engine. Keywords are often referred to as search queries.

The term keyword may mean different things to different people, for a content writer, a keyword is the main theme or the subject of his article. It can range from a single word to phrases. Articles are usually optimized on certain keywords which are queries that a searcher types into a search engine.


For example, if Mr. Enema who is interested in certain topics in chemistry searches for certain terms or phrases such as separation techniques, secondary metabolites, carbondioxide, antioxidant compounds, purgative compounds, chemical compounds, etc.

When searchers search for such terms or phrases into search engines, the terms entered into search engines such as separation techniques, secondary metabolites, carbondioxide, antioxidant components, purgative compounds, and chemical compounds are what are known as keywords.


The illustration above is for a searcher, see also another below.


If Mr. John who is a content creator writes an article on certain topics such as most common separation techniques for organic compounds, what are secondary metabolites? The medicinal components of carbondioxide gas, antioxidant components of common fruits in United states, isolation of the purgative compounds of piper guinense, and chemical compounds of roots of the mango tree.

These phrases or words which the topic or contents are optimized to reflect are what is known as keywords.


Keywords can be a part of a phrase or sentence or an entire phrase. For example, if you write an article on the topic, how to make money through blogging. There are some parts of the topic that can be optimized as the focus keywords or the entire topic.

For example; make money through blogging, blogging, or how to make money, can form keywords for optimization of the article. This is usually decided after keyword research.


Keyword research can be achieved through the use of several tools. Some tools have paid subscriptions while others are absolutely free. The choice of tools for keyword research is strictly determined by choices of individuals, abilities, understanding, comfortability, ease of use, relevance, and many other factors.


Keyword research is one of the first steps that must be completed before any writing is started. One of the mistakes made by so many writers and businesses is to skip keyword research when publishing products or posts on their websites. Keyword research is very important as it aids the optimization of your articles.


A good number of paid and free keyword research tools such as Ahref, Semrush, ubersuggest, Google, Google ads, and Google trends exists. These are very good and popular tools for any project, however, their use and application may differ.


Are you wondering how you can use Google for keyword research? Ask yourself the question, how can I use Google for keyword research? This is a relevant question that needs a very clear answer.

Google is one of the best free keyword research tools available online. Different keyword research tools provide different information for use such as CPC, and ranking difficulty. These information may not be available when Google is used.

  • Open your browser and head to on the link bar.
  • Enter your keyword in the search bar (do not press the enter key) and observe a list of keywords that are related to your keyword in a drop down list
  • Take a pen and paper and carefully select from the list of drop-down, the keywords that you can optimize an article for. An example is shown in the image below;


keyword research

The list of keywords marked in red represents some keyword suggestions or options that you can choose for the optimization of your article.


  • Write a list of keywords from the displayed list of suggested options from Google.
  • Use other keyword tools to gather information on keyword difficulty and search volumes.
  • Use the listed keywords for the optimization of your article or content.



Google ads, formally known as Google keyword planner or simply keyword planner or Google Adword now exist as a part of Google ads. The tool gives automatic suggestions of keywords based on the selected keyword themes. Below is a step by step guide on how to use Google ads for keyword research.

  • Head to
  • Observe the screen displayed and click on Start Now as shown in the image above
  • Select locations where you want to be visible, this is typical of all keyword research tools. From a list of locations, choose the location for your research, for example, Nigeria, USA, and press enter when each location is entered.
  • Select from the list of suggested keywords by simply clicking on them and adding them to your keyword theme.

Keyword Research

  • Carefully write out your keywords and use for the creation and optimization of your contents
  • Observe a change in the keyword suggestion to your keyword theme and copy them out

There is another method of using Google ads for keyword research that offers all relevant information such as search volume, competition or keyword difficulty, including PPC.

This approach will however require advanced knowledge of keyword research and SEO expertise. The following steps describes the processes involved;

  • Head to Google ads
  • Create an account or sign in if you already have an account
  • Go to settings to change your view to SEO expert view
  • Click on settings and select keyword planner

Keyword Research

  • Select on discover new Keywords

Keyword research

  • Enter a keyword on the search bar and a subject web address
  • Click on get result
  • Remember to switch locations to different countries to get more accurate results based on your interest.

Keyword Research

  • Observe and record information about your keyword and related keywords from the list

There are numerous keyword research tools such as Google trends, this tool provides relevant information about a keyword for a specified location such as Nigeria, USA, etc. Google trend is a good source for gathering information on search volumes within cities in a chosen country, this may help with being more specific on the audience for a particular SEO effort or ads.


Ubersuggest is one of the popular free keyword research tools that is simple to use and easy to understand. Navigating the dashboard is easy and will be demonstrated in a few steps explained below;

  • Sign up and log into your dashboard. Observe a page like the image displayed below
  • Click on overview below Ubersuggest
  • Enter the keyword you want information on and select the location
  • Click the enter key to get information on the selected keyword
  • It is important to analyze your result based on trends (this is the search volume of the keyword over the last twelve months), volume (this is the total search for a particular keyword in a month), CPC (this data represent the average cost per click, it usually applies when running Google ads and gives information on how important and competitive a particular keyword is), PD (this represents the paid difficulty of a particular keyword the higher the number, the more competitive a keyword is), SD (SD represents the SEO difficulty, generally it gets more competitive with higher numbers).

Keyword research

Ubersuggest is one of the available free SEO tools in the market, the software allows you to create projects and track the effectiveness of two or more keywords on your website, carry out an SEO audit for your website and get good recommendations that can be easily implemented for improved organic reach.

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