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how to set up schema markup

Schema Markup – 2 Ways to Setup Schema for WordPress

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Schema markup which is also known as structured data is a microdata generator that is added to the HTML of a web page to create better rich snippet or meta description. Schema is an essential way to improve click through rate (CTR) of a web page.

What is Schema Markup?

Structured data is a code that helps Google to easily crawl, and index pages and understand your page contents and relevance. It provides more relevant information for search engines that is necessary for determining your website relevant for better ranking. It is helps to get the most relevant results from searches.

how to set up schema markup

Using structured data is a great way to improve your website visibility and SEO ranking since improve CTR tells search engine that the contents of your web page are relevant. Adding structured data can be particularly difficult especially if you are just starting out and have little or no knowledge of programming, but don’t worry, it is a lot easier to do with WordPress plugins today.

Types of Schema Markup

There are different types of schema markup that can be implemented using SEO plugins. Using WordPress makes this easy as no coding will be required of you, just a good knowledge of how to use the plugin is what is required, structured data can be added for the following articles types;

  • Organization
  • Local business
  • Articles
  • Blog postings
  • Events
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Restaurants

This can be easily achieved using plugins such as rank math or Yoast SEO plugins. Schema is beneficial for both SEO and the researcher.

The schema for WordPress can be very beneficial for posts, pages, main description, and images, and this can be easily achieved using SEO plugins.

Importance of Schema Markup for SEO

  • Schema helps search engines to understand your web contents and provide rich and relevant information to searchers based on their search intents
  • Since schema gives a brief description of your post summary or searchers’ intents, it greatly improves click through rates (CTR) of web pages
  • Since it serves as an advertisement channel, it also helps to improve conversion rates on organic searches
  • Gives a better SEO advantage over your competition.
  • Schema markup helps to add microdata to a webpage which generates a rich snippet in Google SERP.

How to Add Schema Markup

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Install the Rank Math SEO plugin
  • Activate and set up your SEO plugin
  • Hover on Rank Math and click on dashboard

how to set up schema markup

  • Turn on the schema tag and click on settings (this is shown on the image above)
  • Set up your schema for posts, pages, products, tags, global Meta, homepage, categories, product categories, social Meta, and even local SEO as you may desire.

Structured data can be set up differently for each post and pages by visiting individual pages or posts and setting up the schema for each post. This is usually preferred in most cases as each post may reflect a different keyword that may not be captured in the global structured data.

How to Set up Schema for Posts and Pages

  • On your block editor click on the post to edit
  • Click on the Rank Math Post ranting
  • Select the schema from the list

how to set up schema markup

There are other ways to add structured data markup to your website by simply using Google structured markup helper. This can be achieved using the following steps;

  • Go to Google Markup helper – This will land you on a page that looks exactly like the image below

how to set up schema markup

  • Select the schema type (articles, book reviews, events, products, restaurants, etc)
  • Copy the url of the page or post you want to add schema to and paste the link and click on start tagging
  • Click on start tagging (observe a displayed page like the image below)

how to set up schema markup

  • Highlight any part of the article you’d like to use for schema, the example below is for the title
  • Choose the schema type that may apply accordingly, in the case above, the name applies, there may be differences for images and other parts of the page or post according, ensure you choose a part that applies to your action, see the difference in the image below

how to set up schema markup

  • Observe a change in the right section of the image
  • Select image or other parts that may apply to you and appropriately from the side pop up the appropriate type of schema that may apply
  • Mark up as many elements as possible but this is not compulsory

The image below is an example of a heading, image, and some sections of the article.

how to set up schema markup

  • Click on create HTML
  • Copy the generated code and paste on the head section of your HTML file

A sample of the code is shown on the image below;

how to set up schema markup

  • Update your HTML settings or save your file properly

At this point be careful especially if you’re not a programmer, this is because tempering with some codes you are not familiar with can affect the functionality or appearance of your website and probably render all your beautiful designs useless. This can affect certain functionalities such as navigation, CSS, and even HTML.

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In certain areas of technical SEO, it is advisable to pay proper attention to every edit that is being made, as a single mistake can ruin all your efforts and make you start afresh web redesign, this is the reason it is okay to work directly with a developer or take enough time to practice to avoid dangerous and unnecessary errors that may break your website or its appearance.

Other aspects of technical SEO such as optimizing the Robot.txt files can be easily achieved using the same plugin. By using an SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rank math, no form of coding is required to get this working.

Setting up schema markup can be easy to achieve following the steps described in this article.

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