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Content writing – What is SEO Content Writing?

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Content writing is the practice of putting texts and images together to form an opinion or authority on a subject. It involves the ability to share top experiences on a particular subject or topic in a way that benefits readers. Texts, images and videos are very important aspects of content writing.


SEO Content writing is a core aspect of visibility and ranking on search engines. Web content quality and optimization, mobile responsiveness, and speed represent the core aspect of your website visibility on search engines. Good contents are what ensure that your website visitors return for more; this is what makes someone bookmark a page on your website.


Contents generally range from blog posts, products, and other images and videos published on your website. Search engines generally rank websites based on relevance to a searcher’s problem. If your blog posts provide the most reasonable solution to what someone is searching for and has good speed and mobile-friendliness, such blogs are better ranked than others that have contents that are irrelevant and not focused.

The contents published on your website including your products and blog posts must be researched and created in a unique way before publication. One of the key killers of all blogs is copy and paste or poorly created contents that do not solve any problems.

Content creation involves thorough research and originality, every aspect of your contents including images has to be unique to gain good authority and relevance on search engines. Unique contents have greater power to rank higher than poorly created content or posts.

SEO content writing


There are different steps that need to be followed when creating contents for your ecommerce website, blog, or other business websites, these are listed below;

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Title research
  • Content writing
  • SEO optimization
  • Image research
  • Publication


Competition research gives you a proper guide into the possibility of your posts ranking on search engines. It provides vital information that is necessary for consideration such as your competitor website analysis and ranking power on certain keywords.

When doing competitor research, be truthful to yourself as there are some keywords that are near impossible to rank for, there are exceptions however for websites that are on par with the competition. If you are just starting the business of blogging, it is better to focus on long-tail keywords as these have low competition than those with high volumes and tougher competition.

  • Location

The first step to the success of every competitor research is to identify the best location, audience, and level of competition in that location. This is because competition levels may vary depending on certain locations. It is proper to start by first researching the location and audience for your business. This must be followed by identifying the key competitors in such locations.

For example, if you live in Nigeria, the competition for the keyword “fresh food restaurant” may vary from one location to another. It is important to choose a location that is favorable for your business growth.

  • Identify suitable KPIs

Key performance indicators are the basic ingredients that grow every business. This represents all the factors that make your business different from other competitors. It has to be properly identified as this is different for every business.

For a store selling food online and offline, KPIs could represent total traffic, the number of order conversions, popular menu, reserved tables, completed order, customer satisfaction, canceled reservations, complaint per order, unavailable menu items, guest per table, and many more. This is usually different from every business and may vary from one competitor to another.

KPIs provide the key metrics that should be properly analyzed on your competitor website and the difference between such metrics and yours and how you can improve your data to do better than your competitors.

Information obtained from your KPIs can offer direction on the metrics that need to be analyzed on your competitor’s website. For example, if your goal is to increase traffic, you must first identify competitors who get the maximum traffic for your chosen keyword. If the major source of traffic is PPC, you need to examine and identify which PPC ads are getting the most traffic and conversions.

Use tools such as SEMRUSH, AHREF, and UBERSUGGEST or Bing webmaster tool or Google speed test to do a thorough audit of your competitor based on your chosen metrics and make implementations based on their strengths and weaknesses. This can be viewed from different angles including checking speed differences and mobile usability.


One of the most significant aspects of your blog writing is known as keywords. Keywords are those words that a researcher types into the search box on the web or search engine. It is one of the most significant aspects of your writing; the number of keywords in your article will be used to determine the keyword density of your article.

There are a good number of tools that are relevant for every keyword research; this is the skill that separates a web content writer from any other writers.

Using these tools will help you determine the keyword search volume, competition and difficulty. Sometimes a long tail keyword is very vital to your traffic; consistent research on all writing topics is among the best SEO practices.


  1. KWFinder
  2. Keywordsheeter
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Keywordsurfer
  6. Google trends
  7. Ubersuggest
  8. Semrush keyword magic tool
  9. Google

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Keyword Research – What are keywords?

There are a couple of other great keyword research tools out there such as GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER, and WORD STREAM. A good number are even available as chrome extensions that you can easily install and use while writing. These tools and many more will improve your SEO content writing skills.

There are several aspects of writing that must be strictly followed to obtain a good SEO copy that will rank well on search engines and drive reasonable traffic. Every article on the web was written for a particular group of people, this is why keywords help you direct your article to a specific group of people.


Focus keyword is the major topic of your content, usually your content should be optimized for search engines to easily identify your focus keyword or the theme of the content.

If you use great SEO plugins like Rank Math, and Yoast for your writing, there are a good number of areas that you must pay particular attention to. A good example is Focus keyword.

One of the best practices in using focus keyword is to ensure that your focus keyword appears on your SEO title and inside your SEO meta description as well as the post URL. It is also necessary for the focus keyword to appear in the first 10% of the article and form a good part of the entire content.

The length of your article URL is also very important as it plays a role in its ranking. It is also a good practice to link to internal and external resources on every article or posts on your blog. Try to avoid focus keyword competition on your blog by not using the same focus keywords for several contents.

Excess use of a keyword in an article could result in keyword stuffing and may be responsible for low ranking.

Every writer must first understand that Google and other search engine bots crawl your website for indexing and do not represent the humans that such articles are made for. By implication, one must first realize that his articles are meant for human readers and not just bots.

SEO Content writing


When writing with tools such as Yoast and Rank math, title readability, and content readability will be easy to access and handle as you will be given scores on the go, so you can continually adjust them to arrive at a great score. This is however, not a guarantee for ranking.

One of the best writing practices is to ensure that the SEO focus Keyword is used at the beginning of your title. Create a positive or negative sentiment on your content title, your title should contain power words. Recently, rank math and other SEO tools added numbers as a ranking factor for your post title, so find a way to include a number in your SEO article, example, “5 SEO writing tips for beginners.”

The basic factors that determine your content readability are a table of content, length of paragraphs, SEO images, and video with alt descriptions. Avoid paragraphs that are too long and always ensure that you write for human readers and not robots.

Use subtitles in your content and write at least 1200-2500 words to have a good visibility. Subtitles should contain power words and some aspects of your keywords. The length of your article will help you ensure that the keywords are properly spread throughout the content and with an average number of them to increase your keyword density without keyword stuffing.

Good SEO articles or contents involve a lot of research, and every good writer must invest in research and writing tools, use well-optimized images and videos for your posts only.

Grammar is also another important aspect of your writing skills, there are free tools that will enable you to correct unnecessary errors on the go, an example is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a free online writing assistant that helps to ensure that your words are correctly spelled and rephrased correctly.


A good and compelling title (H1 tag) is one of the essential ingredients of a good blog article. The purpose of writing is also relevant as some writings or articles are clearly to tell stories.

To create a good and engaging article, the writer should have a way of compelling the readers to take an action within or at the end of the article, this will be determined by the tone of the writer and the type of audience you are writing for. A clear call to action button is necessary to create greater engagement on the post.


Plagiarism is a very significant aspect of writing. It is both simple and difficult to handle, however, there are tools that will help you.. There are both free and paid tools that detect plagiarism and allow you to correct them while writing your post.

It is very necessary to avoid copying other peoples’ words into your article. This practice will help you reduce the amount of time spent on plagiarism tools when writing.

There are common plagiarism tools that can be helpful when writing your SEO content, these are listed below;



Content writing is one of the most popular freelance skills today. There are no limitations in terms of job opportunity, there is only a green opportunity.

SEO content writing is also well paying and a great number of people on the internet earn a living by SEO writing. Generally, writers improve based on practice and the number of articles written, this is what makes people very conversant with the available writing tools and provides the opportunity to explore and remove every form of limitations.

As a writer continues to grow better, there are only two factors that are involved greatly- consistent practice and research. These are what opens the doors to your oil and make you a better SEO content writing strategist.


There are popular expressions such as “content is king.” This may be true as it is one of the core aspects of your website visibility.

Web content writing is a special aspect of every website that needs to be given maximum attention. Contents contain the keywords that search engines use to rank websites. The quality of every content on your website will play a significant role in creating trust and relevance between your website users and your blog; this is what ensures a greater percentage of return customers on your blog. Quality contents are what keep people coming back. This is why content is king and should be taken seriously.

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Good quality contents and reviews are one of the major aspects of ranking on local listings, this can even be applied to local listings such as Google My Business. Does your business have a local listing on Google? How is it performing?

SEO content writing

In your competitor research, if you have taken time to analyze the quality of the contents published by your top competitors even on Google My Business, you’d be able to compare and make necessary adjustments on certain keywords on your websites.

Writing is a thing of joy for those that have successfully developed their writing skills; however, this skill can be a pain in the ass if you are just starting out. SEO content writing tips should be constantly improved upon on every writing project based on project needs. It is okay to grow in the business of writing from a starting point no matter how low.

Every writer writes for a specific audience, this is one of the first things to consider before starting out as a writer.

This is the position where you define your writing niche. Identifying a niche is relevant as a writer cannot be good at every niche, there are exceptions for this. Defining your audience is the first step to determining the tone of your article and readability. There are tools that will help you research in this regard – keyword tools, and other SEO tools.

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