Free SEO Tools for 2021

Best 100% Free SEO Tools in 2021

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SEO Tools include softwares that are relevant for measuring web metrics, competition research, SEO audit, keyword research, traffic and traffic sources, top pages, links, and coverage.

There are numerous free SEO tools that are out there, while some cost a lot of money, others are totally available free.

The ability to properly utilize the features of SEO tools is relevant for a good SEO strategy. SEO tools help individuals to seamlessly carry out an SEO audit of a website, determine the technical and on-page SEO components, and plan an SEO strategy.

There are several SEO tools that are available today for many purposes such as tracking of performance, tracking of page positions, tracking of keywords and keyword positions as well as in determining internal and external links to your website.

Free SEO Tools for 2021

List of Best 100% Free SEO Tools

The SEO tools listed below are free and require no form of subscription. They are relevant for keyword research, position tracking, and measuring interest in a keyword at a particular time, as well as for SEO audit and on-page SEO;

  • Bing webmaster
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Google trend
  • Pagespeed insight
  • Google keyword planner
  • Explore keywords
  • Keyword surfer
  • Rank math
  • Grammarly

#1 Bing webmaster

The Bing webmaster is one of the most complete free SEO tools that measures and tracks your website performance on Bing. Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world according to Oberlo.

Bing webmaster tool have numerous features and uses and stands tall among the free SEO tools that are available today, it has the following features;

  • Keyword research
  • Sitemaps submission
  • Site performance
  • Backlinks
  • SEO report
  • Link submission
  • txt file checking

The Bing webmaster is among the major complete free SEO tools that allow website owners to measure their website performance by checking the number of indexed pages, click-through rates (CTR) of pages, position on search, crawl requests, crawl errors, and much more useful information.

Free SEO Tools for 2021

It also allows one to check the robot.txt file generated for the website and measure the amount of blocking inputted in the file, and how it allows crawling. It generates useful keyword research information like volume, difficulty, country, keyword suggestions, and trends.

If you have a business whose major source of lead is Bing, the Bing webmaster tool maybe all you need for SEO.

#2 Google Search console

The Google search console is similar to the Bing webmaster tool but has a few notable differences such as the absence of a free keyword research tool. Like the Bing webmaster tool, this is one of the best free SEO tools whose data provide relevant information that is necessary for better website performance and ranking.

One of the things that make the Google search console special is how it measures your website responsiveness with the mobile usability feature and accelerated mobile pages.

It also gives information on the keywords that has the highest impressions and clicks on your pages and thus recommendations for content strategy.

Other useful SEO information provided by the Google search console includes; site performance information like clicks, impression, position, and average CTR.

Measuring this information is important for developing a better SEO-based content strategy for your blog.

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#3 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the best free SEO tools, it measures all relevant information about your website including traffic sources, best-performing pages, the actions that are taken on your website by your web visitors, and your customers’ journey on your website.

This free SEO tool helps you to measure all returns on investment and the complete journey of your customers on your website, beautiful information for your advertising. It is one of the free SEO tools that help to measure engagements on your website, customer retention, tech, event tracking, demographics of users by country, and much other relevant information that play significant roles in determining an SEO strategy.

Free SEO tools 2021

#4 Google Trend

SEO tools provide different forms of information and that is why it is important to identify the relevant ones for your business. Google trend is one of the free SEO tools that provide information on the interest people have in a particular keyword over time in a particular location.

Measuring interests in a keyword is very important in determining the click-through rate for that keyword. Sometimes, interest in a particular keyword change over time and Google trend is among your best SEO tools in measuring this metric.

#5 Pagespeed Insight

The pagespeed insight is one of the most important free SEO tools for a technical SEO audit of your website. Speed is one of the most important factors for ranking, this is because having a website that takes over a minute to load will surely send users away and grow a list of unsatisfied users thereby affecting your ranking.

This will increase the bounce rate of such sites and may have a negative effect on ranking. SEO audit is among all major SEO strategies. It is usually the first thing that is done on any website.

The pagespeed insight is used to carry out an in-depth technical SEO audit; it provides useful technical information or recommendations such as the level optimization of CSS and JavaScript files, content delivery network, and more.

It is always advisable to implement all recommendations from SEO tools like pagespeed insight for better website performance and mobile responsiveness. A good alternative to pagespeed insight is GTmetrix.

You can access this free SEO tool using this link

#6 Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is a very important aspect of every SEO strategy, there are very few SEO tools that can be used for keyword research for free forever. The Google keyword planner is one of the best free SEO tools in this regard.

Keyword Planner helps you carry out seamless keyword research for your search campaigns. It is relevant for discovering new keywords and related keywords for your business, it also provides information on the estimated volume of search, and the cost per click (CPC) for such keywords.

You can access this free SEO tool here

#7 Explore Keywords

Explore keywords is one of the new free keyword research tools that is 100% free. It is used for thorough keyword research from Google and YouTube.

Some of its major features include; volume keyword planner, ultimate keyword generator, instant keyword generator, affiliate keyword generator, question keyword generator, and A-Z keyword generator.

You can access this free keyword research tool here

#8 Keyword surfer

Keyword surfer is one of the best free SEO tools for keyword research; it is available as a free chrome extension and automatically suggests free keywords on every search on chrome.

Keyword surfer provides relevant information on keywords such as volume and the relationship of the suggested keywords with the keyword you searched for, it also allows users to get information on suggested keywords by choosing different countries as may apply.

This tool is available for download here

#9 Rank Math

Rank math is a revolutionized free SEO tool for on-page SEO analysis. It helps to measure your page SEO and provides relevant information on metrics such as title optimization, image optimization, keyword optimization, content readability, table of content, keyword density, meta description, and other tools such as schema generator, SEO analysis, instant indexing, AMP integration, sitemap generator, breadcrumbs, 404 monitors and redirection.

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Rank math stands as one of the best free SEO tools for on-page SEO analysis and recommendations.

Click on this link to access this tool.

Free SEO tools 2021

#10 Grammarly

Grammarly is your number one free writing assistant, there is a common saying that “content is king.” This saying tells you how much significance, quality content provides for ranking.

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Grammarly is available as a free writing assistant on chrome extension, it also has free software for measuring content uniqueness, plagiarism, grammar, and sentence errors. This is one of the most relevant tools for writing and producing error-free content for publications on your website.

The chrome extension helps to identify all writing and spelling errors on the go and provides suitable suggestions for correction. Grammarly has both paid and free plans.

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